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Sun and sea

One of the Anfi´s bay blessings is the sun, being almost all the year, and the sea.


To enjoy this nature presents, Maroa´s solarium offers you single and double hammocks, with umbrellas and towels.
They are located in differentiated areas, you can find shade with the tropical vegetation or direct sun.
The access to the sea, limited by a buoys line, the waterfall showers, and the drink and snack service guarantee the hydration and the freshness.

Price: 15,50€ single hammock. 31€ double hammock.

Solarium infrastructure

78 single hammocks and 10 double hammocks with tools and umbrellas and 5 balinese huts.
2 showers zone and direct access to the sea.
*To visualize the map put the mobile in landscape format
sunbeds 200-222
sunbeds 100-117
sunbeds 300-337
sunbeds 118-127

Balinese huts

For reduced groups that wants more privacy, we offer you 5 private areas with balinese hut. Each other with different furniture. We offer you group menu too.

Price: 20€ per person. 10€ with menu.